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Once Upon a Time in a Sole (Cover Art)

Once Upon a Time in a Sole (a collection of lyrics, satyrics and stories)

Published and hand bound in Croatia.  130 pages.

“The water was ice cold on my finger and the riverbed was but cement an eighth of an inch below the sediment and I barely got my whole finger submerged to learn this fact. And the water moved sprightly like little cold mice in a giant warehouse at night after the workers clock out and the forklifts are parked and the lights are shut off. That time when the little mice peep and dart around in their quaint and quick nocturnal businesses. And that’s what the Great Shallow Los Angeles River was like that night; scurrying by under the nearby bridge unnoticed by any but me and the weeds.

On the bridge above a cop screamed by with the fading in of a banshee siren and blue and red strobe lights blazing and blinking into view dark eucalyptus trees, and then the fading out of the siren as it rushed off to somewhere in that city above where nobody gets along.

But down here, the weeds, water and I got along in rigid peace. I wanted to drown myself and they wanted nothing but to ignore me.

What the fuck was I doing here? Three in the cold fucking morning.

Oh yeah…”

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